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Commitment to Human Rights

Our company respects human rights in accordance with international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Established in the basic sustainability policy
"We value an environment that is equal, rich in diversity, and where employees can take on challenges, regardless of gender, age, nationality, etc., where employees' motivation, pride, and individuality are utilized."
Based on this idea, we have established the "SB Technology Human Rights Policy" and will continue to promote our efforts.

SB Technology Human Rights Policy

1. Human Rights Commitment We, SB Technology Corp. and all executives and employees of our group companies (hereinafter referred to as "we"), contribute to the development of a sustainable society by respecting human rights in all aspects of our corporate activities.
2. References and scope In accordance with international human rights principles*1, we strive not to engage in discrimination or human rights violations in all of our services, products, and business activities, and we also ensure that our suppliers, business partners, and others adhere to these principles. We ask all parties to respect human rights and not to violate them.
3. Emphasis on diversity We respect the diversity of our coworkers and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, illness, etc. . Opportunities are always equal, and recruitment, placement, evaluation, compensation, and promotion are based on the individual's ability, experience, and results.
4. Prohibition of forced labor and child labor We prohibit all forms of forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor, and work to correct and eradicate labor practices that violate human rights.
5. Respect for freedom of association and the exercise of the right to collective bargaining We respect the right of employees to form a labor union based on their individual will and the right to choose whether or not to participate, and allow the effective exercise of the right to collective bargaining. The Company will negotiate in good faith through constructive dialogue with its representatives.
6. Benefits and wages We are committed to complying with applicable laws regarding wages, working hours, overtime and benefits. In addition, we go beyond legal compliance to reduce excessive working hours and provide compensation to our employees that exceeds a living wage and is competitive in the local and industry labor markets.
7. Maintaining employee safety and health We provide a healthy and smart working environment, and strive to maintain it by complying with laws, regulations, and regulations related to safety and health, and taking appropriate measures to address health risks.
8. Freedom of expression and protection of privacy We also recognize the importance of freedom of expression and protection of privacy in communications, the Internet, and social media, and we take the utmost care to ensure that there is no violation of these rights. Furthermore, we will treat all customers fairly and equitably, and provide safe and convenient services.
9. Initiatives and systems for respecting human rights We will create an effective countermeasure system by establishing an appropriate reporting point to prevent human rights violations from occurring. In order to assess the impact of our business activities on human rights, we conduct human rights due diligence, continuously monitor the impact, and report to appropriate parties. In the unlikely event that a negative impact on human rights occurs through our business activities, we will respond appropriately with fair and impartial remedies in order to reduce or eliminate the impact.
10. Communication The promotion of this Charter is under the jurisdiction of the Human Rights Committee, which includes the CEO, and works to disseminate the Charter to all executives, employees, and external stakeholders, and actively promote human rights awareness activities.
  • *1 Refers to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Children's Rights and Business Principles, and the ILO's Eight Core Labor Standards*2.
  • *2 ILO's eight core labor standards: "Forced labor", "Freedom of association and the right to organize", "Right to organize and collective bargaining", "Equal remuneration for work of equal value", "Abolition of forced labor" , "Discriminatory treatment in employment and occupation", "Minimum age for employment", "Worst forms of child labor"

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Human rights assessment for employees

As part of our human rights due diligence, we conduct educational and questionnaire surveys among our employees to deepen their understanding of human rights, and if any problems are found, we take direct or indirect remedial measures.

Conducting human rights questionnaire survey for employees

From December 2023 to March 2024, we conducted an anonymous questionnaire survey of our Group employees to promote understanding of human rights and to confirm whether there were any human rights violations in the workplace.
We will develop and implement measures to reduce any potential human rights risks identified in the survey results. In addition, we will provide employees with a consultation hotline in addition to the survey, in an effort to prevent human rights violations.
The results of this survey will be made public to employees, and by conducting continuous monitoring, we will be able to discover any damage caused by human rights violations and provide prompt relief, as well as reduce human rights risks by raising awareness and implementing training.

Questionnaire items for employees (34k) (Japanese only)

Initiatives for Customers

Certification obtained

Our company has obtained certification from external organizations related to information security measures, appropriate protection measures for personal information, and quality of products and services.
Click here for the list of acquired certifications

Privacy Policy

As the core company responsible for SoftBank Group 's ICT service business, we continue to take on the challenge of creating new added value through the power of technology. In order to ensure that our customers can use the various solutions and services that result from such technological innovations with peace of mind, we believe that the protection of personal information is our social responsibility as a company, and have established a privacy policy.
Click here for privacy policy

Information Security

Threats to information security are increasing day by day, and there is the possibility of serious damage to customers due to information leaks or business stoppages due to virus infections.

In order to protect the important information entrusted to us by our customers, we have established an information security management system and are taking effective measures by combining various elements such as organization, people, systems, and equipment.

Company-wide initiatives in information security

Our company promotes information security activities by implementing the following initiatives.

  • Establishment of information security management system management regulations
  • Establishment of an information security steering committee and holding regular countermeasure meetings
  • Establishing an emergency communication system to quickly respond to incidents and accidents
  • Identifying information assets and personal information held and responding to potential risks
  • Thorough personal information protection management
  • Establishment of complaint consultation desk and development of procedures to promptly respond to inquiries
  • Implementation of measures for various networks and systems
  • Implementation of information security education for employees in a group training format
  • Implementation of information security audits and corrections for internal operations
  • Conducting information security surveys on information management of outsourcing companies

Thorough efforts regarding services that handle personal information

In a division that handles a large amount of personal information entrusted to us by customers, whose main business is e-commerce services, we have established an internal network that uses the systems that handle the entrusted information in normal business operations so that all customers can use our services with peace of mind. It is operated on a network that is independent from the outside world. We have also introduced a monitoring system to this network to restrict access to unnecessary information.

In addition, personal information is handled under strict rules and under thorough management by the person in charge.

Furthermore, we provide regular training to employees responsible for operations and take thorough measures.

Please see our basic information security policy here

Initiatives for Employees

We have introduced various human resource systems and policies to promote the growth of each employee and to create a comfortable working environment. We have established a career path that allows employees to choose between management and professional domains, and we offer a variety of employee benefits such as a flextime system, a day to leave work on time, and birth bonuses as part of our efforts to promote work styles.

Click here for human resource system, etc.

Initiatives for Business Partners

Guidelines related to purchasing transactions

Our company conducts procurement activities in accordance with fair and transparent rules based on the "Purchasing Management Regulations." These internal regulations stipulate the basic rules that all employees must comply with to ensure fair transactions regarding the purchase of goods and services. In addition to complying with laws and regulations related to procurement, we strive to ensure fair trade with our suppliers based on the SoftBank Group Executive and Employee Compliance Code.

Fair transactions with business partners that comply with the Subcontract Act

We are working to ensure that transactions are conducted in compliance with the Subcontract Act, such as by properly managing business partners and operating a sales management system to ensure payment is made within 60 days of receiving delivery.

Additionally, we regularly hold briefing sessions for sales and business departments to ensure thorough compliance with the Subcontract Act.

Activities to prevent fraudulent transactions

At our company, the procurement of hardware and software products for corporate sales and purchasing activities, as well as the outsourcing of operations to partner companies, are centrally managed using an in-house system. Approval procedures for individual projects are also performed using the sales management system, so all written ordering operations are handled centrally by the administration department. Therefore, the management department has the authority to apply for orders in writing at our company, and as a general rule, the management department issues an order form or a document in accordance with this.

In addition, in purchasing transactions stipulated by our company, we ask our suppliers to attach the following documents along with sending invoices to confirm that there is no internal impropriety.

Product purchase: A delivery note or shipping report (copy of invoice) is required as evidence when the product is delivered after ordering.
Outsourcing: After receiving and placing an order, a work report is provided as evidence of the service provided.

Partnership Building Declaration

Through our partnership building declaration, we will promote collaboration and coexistence and mutual prosperity with our supply chain partners and business operators who aim to create value.

Multi-stakeholder policy

We have established the following multi-stakeholder policy regarding our relationships with each stakeholder, including employees and business partners, and will promote these activities.

Multi-Stakeholder Policy (Japanese Only)  (210K)

Examples of Initiatives

Solving agricultural issues

  • Turning agricultural information and knowledge into services and digitizing procedures
  • Supporting the realization of sustainable agriculture
Solving agricultural issues

The agricultural population is expected to decline significantly in the future due to the aging of the farming workforce, and issues such as labor shortages and the inheritance of know-how are becoming more serious.
In order to solve these issues, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is promoting digital transformation (DX) in the agricultural field, with the aim of enabling all agricultural workers to practice data utilization by 2025. We aim to realize smart agriculture that uses digital technology to realize ultra-labor saving and high-quality production.

At SB Technology Group, we digitize and provide cloud services for the entire process, from securing farmland to material procurement, work management, information collection, communication support, and various procedures related to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. This will lower the hurdles for new farmers, and through the provision of services, we will accumulate agricultural knowledge and visualize it as intellectual property, which will help solve various agricultural issues such as labor shortages and the inheritance of know-how, and help in the future. We will contribute to the realization of sustainable agriculture.

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Building a sustainable social infrastructure

  • We provide comprehensive security measures against all types of cyber attacks, as well as expert analysis and response.
  • Contributing to the realization of safe and sustainable social infrastructure

As digital technology continues to develop and spread, a society in which all things and systems are connected is becoming a reality. However, while life has become more convenient, it has been pointed out that cyber-attacks, which are becoming more complex and sophisticated day by day, can directly lead to damage to people's lives and businesses.
In a society that will become increasingly digitalized in the future, it is important to prepare for unexpected security risks and build social infrastructure that can quickly respond and recover from any crisis.

SB Technology provides comprehensive security measures against all types of cyber-attacks and advanced analysis and response to threats by security experts, minimizing security incidents at companies and government offices, and speeding up the recovery of services and systems. We are working to realize cyber resilience (*).
Through a comprehensive approach to security, we help businesses and government agencies build sustainable social infrastructure by improving business continuity.

*Cyber resilience
In order to prevent the intrusion of cyber attacks, to minimize the damage caused by incidents, and to speed up the recovery of services and systems, with the business continuity of the organization as the top priority, we must make the correct decisions and make appropriate decisions in response to security incidents. to respond to

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Development of society and industry and creation of new value through DX

  • Supporting business transformation through digitalization of companies and industries
  • Contributing to the creation of new value through the use of ICT

In recent years, efforts have been progressing toward digital transformation, which involves breaking away from existing businesses and creating new value by utilizing digital technology.
On the other hand, according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, approximately 80% of companies have aging systems, and major management issues include updating existing systems and a lack of digital human resources to advance them.

SB Technology is promoting DX from two aspects: "corporate digitalization" and "industrial digitalization."
"Corporate digitalization" will create an environment where companies can focus their resources on their core business by promoting a new normal work style and improving operational efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, with regard to "digitalization of industry," in addition to digitizing and automating business processes, we aim to contribute to improving business competitiveness by utilizing data and ICT.
We will promote the digitalization of all societies and industries and work with our customers to create new value using the power of ICT.

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