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Commitment to Quality

Company-wide efforts to improve quality

As a company-wide effort to improve quality, we have established an organizational project management and quality control system through the PMO.
As a quality control method, we have defined a "phase gate" that aims to detect and deal with problems early and prevent them from becoming more serious.
The overall picture of the phase gate is as follows.

What is PMO?

PMO (Project Management Office) is an organization responsible for auditing and supporting projects to ensure their success.

Project audits

  1. Review at the time of proposal
    The PMO conducts various reviews from the proposal stage. Checks proposals, project plans, project risks, and advises the project team.
  2. Project plan review
    At the start of a project, we check the validity of the project plan such as scope and schedule, project structure, and risk countermeasures. Instructs to revise plans as necessary.
  3. Process audit
    Regularly audit that the project is progressing with appropriate processes. We check for changes in the project status, such as scope changes and schedule delays, to discover problems early and resolve them quickly.

Project support

The PMO provides a variety of support to project teams.

  • Development of various templates and checklists, standardization of various processes
  • Development of project management information system (PMIS)
  • Providing software licenses such as project management software and integrated development environments
  • Support for obtaining PMP® (Project Management Professional) qualification

Acquired certification from an external organization

Our company has obtained certification from an external organization related to service quality in order to raise employee awareness of quality and improve customer satisfaction.
Click here for the list of acquired certifications