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Information Security Basic Policy

Established: Oct 1, 2004
Last revise: March 1, 2015
SB Technology
President & CEO Shinichi Ata

SB Technology will contribute to create a wealthy information society through the provision of ICT Services advocating company philosophy - Happiness for Everyone- with Information Revolution Harnessing the Power of Technology to Create a Brighter Future. Our company takes ICT service business as the core company in the Softbank group will continue challenging to create a new -added value with technical power.
To use a variety of solutions and services come up from a technological innovation, we recognize to protect a personal information and administrate information securities are important duties so that we define the following privacy policies, will strive to commitment to information security measures and ongoing prevention of security incidents and accidents.

1. Scope of application

The basic policy and targets we deal in business activities "information assets". The information assets and targets everything that Company determines is necessary in that the information we operated possession or control, information systems and data, network, and equipment, regardless of tangible, intangible, to expand the business.

2. Construction of Information Security

We will assume that you establish a system of information security management system around the management team, to perform maintenance of information security, the efforts of improvement. It will also establish a system to audit on a regular basis these efforts, strive to improve.

3. Arrangement of "Chief Information Security Officer"

In addition to installation "Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)", and then organized the information security conference. Make the activity aggressive so as to know exactly the status of the information security of enterprise-wide this makes it possible to quickly implement the necessary measures.

4. Development of internal regulations related to information security

Established internal regulations based on the information basic security policy, as well as personal information, as well as a clear policy for the handling of all information assets, and disseminate information both internally and externally that you face in a harsh attitude against such information leakage.

5. Protection of information assets

We conduct a risk assessment as well as recognize the importance from the point of view confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information to all of the assets held, we will endeavor to protect the original proper information assets information security system.

6. Strengthening management of subcontractors

When entering into a business contract, we will continue to request that you thoroughly reviewed the eligibility of as subcontractors, to maintain the security level equal to or higher than that of the Company. In addition, in order to will continue to ensure that the security level of these are properly maintained, and continuously review the subcontractors, we will work to strengthen the contract.

7. Enforcement of information security education and training

To the officers and employees of all, in order to improve and thorough commitment to information security, we will make the educational activities on a regular basis.

8. Support of securities incident and accidents

If the security incidents and accidents occurred, or if there is the sign, we make a procedure and response quickly.

9. Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with the guidelines of the law, all other applied to information security that we tackle.

10. Reviews and Improvements

As a result of changes in management policies, changes in, operations, social change, technological change, and changes in laws and regulations, and to periodically review this policy, we will continue to go to improve.

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ISMS certification
The scope of ISMS certification : Offices in Shinjuku( Headquarters ), Shibadaimon,Tennozu, Osaka,Nagoya,Fukuoka and Toyama