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Privacy Policy

Established: june 1, 2004
Last revise: July 1, 2021
SB Technology
President Shinichi Ata

SB Technology Corp will contribute to create a wealthy information society through providing ICT Services advocating the company philosophy "Information Revolution - Happiness for Everyone Harnessing the Power of Technology to Build a Brighter Future".
Our company provides ICT service business as the core company in the Softbank group. We will continue challenging to create a new -added value with the power of technology.
To ensure a reliable use of a variety of solutions and services come up from a technological innovation, we recognize to protect a personal information and administrate information securities are important duties so that we define the following privacy policies, perform them and declare to maintain handling these policies.

1. Appropriate collection, usage, and provision of personal information considering for a business description and the scale.

When handling personal information, intended usage is specified, and the personal information is acquired using legitimate, collection, usage, and provision. (We will not handle personal information beyond the intended usage.)
We will operate personal information management system with accuracy and our business description is as follows.

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Solution classification Solution content
Business IT Solutions < Cloud Business / for business divisions >
・Consulting service
・DX Solutions
・AI, IoT Solutions, etc.
Corporate IT Solutions < Cloud Business / for company-wide and administrative divisions >
・Cloud Integration
・Business efficiency services
・Cloud security services
・Security operations monitoring service
・E-authentication solutions, etc.
Technical solutions ・Support for development and operation of on-premises
・Equipment sales, construction, operation and maintenance services
・Sales and embedded developments of Linux/OSS related products, etc.
EC Solutions ・EC site management agency
・E-commerce sales of font licenses, etc.

2. With respect to compliance with laws and regulations

(1)We comply with laws, national guidelines and other standards for the handling of personal information.
(2)We establish a Personal information management system that conforms to the Japanese Industrial Standard "JIS Q 15001" to perform, maintain and improve it.

3. Disclosure of personal information, measures for the prevention and correction of damaged or loss

(1)We nominated people who are responsible for personal information protection such as a personal information protection manager, an audit chief, educators, and complaints and consultation representatives. We will clarify the responsibility for the protection of personal information. In addition, we formed the group-wide organization led by the personal information protection manager to implement countermeasures and initiatives related to personal information protection.
(2)In order to ensure the safety management of personal information, we established internal rules and codified rules and procedures.
(3)We will conduct security management measures necessary to personal information protection such as ensuring physical security, management of user authentication and access restrictions, monitoring of work situation and system log and the implementation of fault tolerance including backup.
(4)We conduct regular education for all employees for the purpose of understanding of laws and standards related to personal information protection and improving awareness and enlightenment for safety management.
(5)We regularly conduct self-check by the business sector and the internal audit by the Audit chief to check the personal information protection management system is operated properly. At that time, if the non-conforming item is found, we identify the cause and take corrective actions. In addition, we also take preventive measures in order to prevent problems in advance.

4. About complaints and consultation

We will respond to complaints and inquiries regarding personal information based on our internal regulations. Please contact the following.

≪Contact for complains and inquiries≫

5. Continuous improvement of the personal information management system (PMS).

We will continuously improve PMS in accordance with the revision of related national guidelines and other standards and the changes in social environments.

6. With respect to changes in the privacy policy

(1)We may change this protection policy without prior notice.
(2)If this protection policy has revised, we will post it on our web site.

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