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Policy / System

Sustainability policy/system

Sustainability Policy

Based on our management philosophy of "Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone `- Technologies Design the Future -", our company strives to solve various social issues through our business and corporate activities in order to realize a sustainable society. 

Sustainability Policy

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Sustainability Promotion System

President & CEO Shinichi Ata will be responsible for the sustainability activities of the Company and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the ``Company Group'') as a whole. Additionally, we have established a Sustainability Promotion Committee, with Member of the Board and CFO Masaaki Okazaki serving as the promotion officer to promote the Group's sustainability activities.

代表取締役社長 CEO 阿多親市が責任者として、当社および子会社全体のサステナビリティ活動の責任を担います。また、サステナビリティ推進委員会を設置し、取締役CFOの岡崎正明が推進責任役員として、当社グループのサステナビリティ活動を推進します

ESG Related Materials

We publish our ESG-related materials.