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Vacation system

Supporting flexible work styles with a generous vacation system

  • Accumulated annual paid leave
    A portion of annual paid leave that would otherwise expire due to prescription can be used instead as paid leave for nursing leave, medical leave, childcare leave, absence due to personal illness, or outpatient visits for infertility treatment, etc.
  • Anniversary holiday
    Employees can take one day of paid leave per year to celebrate anniversaries such as their own or their family's birthdays or wedding anniversaries.
  • Refreshment leave
    Employees are entitled to five consecutive days of paid vacation for every five years of service.
  • Normalization Leave
    If an employee is unable to work due to regular medical treatment caused by the nature of their disability, they can take up to 12 morning or afternoon half-days per fiscal year.
  • Development leave
    Employees can take up to five days of leave per year for studying for qualifications, etc.

Childcare/Elderly care support system

Support tailored to each employee's circumstances, such as childcare and nursing care

  • Childcare leave
    In addition to childcare leave, you can take paid leave for the last five days before returning to work.
  • Spouse maternity leave
    Employees can take five days of leave when their spouse gives birth.
  • Kids & Nursing morning half-day leave
    If it is difficult for you to work due to attending your children's events (parent-teacher conferences, entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, etc.) or caring for a sick family member (including a child), you can take up to 12 morning half-days per fiscal year.
  • Short-time working system
    It can be used until the child finishes third grade of elementary school.
  • Childbirth gift system
    When a third or subsequent child is born, a congratulatory gift of 1 million yen will be paid (50,000 yen for the first child, 100,000 yen for the second child).
    *Payment conditions such as years of service apply

SBT Employee Stock Ownership Association

The company supports medium- to long-term asset formation with own stocks

Each individual can choose to decide the monthly contribution amount (in 1,000 yen increments). There are various benefits, such as the fact that the company provides a subsidy at the time of purchase (purchases are made with the total amount of the contribution + subsidy) and the fact that you can start with a small amount. In addition, there is a possibility that the results of improved company performance will lead to an increase in the company's value (stock price), making it possible to increase the value of your own assets through your own efforts.

Retirement allowance system (Defined contribution pension)

Introducing a defined contribution pension as a retirement benefit system to support future asset formation

In this system, the company makes a monthly contribution based on each individual's grade, which employees invest in and receive as a pension in the future. We have also introduced a system that allows employees to contribute a portion of their bonus payments to a 401k, which can be used to suit various life plans.

Health Insurance Association/Other Benefits

We offer a wide variety of services, from health, childcare, and nursing care services to leisure, gourmet food, and shopping.

  • Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association
    We support the mental and physical health of our employees through discounts on recreational facilities and various events.
  • Benefit Station
    There are over 1 million facilities and services available, and this membership discount service can be used as many times as you like, regardless of region or generation.
  • SB Group Benefits
    This is a preferential service for the SB Group that offers over 165 options to suit a variety of lifestyles.