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Internal Exchange

SBT SUMMIT (group-wide conference)


A place where approximately 1,000 group employees gather together

Once a year, all employees SB Technology Group gather to listen to presentations from management, share group guidelines, and express their commitment. We also present the President Award to employees who have achieved great results and played an active role over the past year. This is a very important event in terms of aligning everyone's direction. The second part of the SUMMIT: Social gathering will be a great success.

Club support system

A system that periodically pays activity expenses for specific group activities.

Currently, there are a variety of club activities such as baseball, soccer, tennis, and band, and anyone can start a new club if they meet the requirements.

[Employee comments]
Mr. Y from the Baseball Club: I think club activities are a great opportunity to expand relationships through hobbies, even among employees who don't have much interaction with each other in day-to-day work. A wide range of employees, from new employees to executives, are enjoying their activities equally. I feel that listening to people in different occupations broadens my horizons and makes my work easier.

SBT Open Lab

SBT Open Lab

"SBT Open Lab" is a place for communication across companies and departments

SBT Open Labロゴ

SBT Open Lab is a place where people take the initiative to learn from a variety of people both inside and outside the company. The concept is "Give & Share." Volunteer members from within the company share ideas and create opportunities to "create opportunities that lead to significant growth for employees and the company." We are involved in a variety of initiatives, including lectures by celebrities, experience sessions for the latest technology, sports events for health management, and an in-house radio program broadcast during lunch hours.