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Career support

Career paths to choose from

Build your career in a direction that allows you to perform even better

There is the "Development Domain" which requires improving basic knowledge and abilities, the "Leader Domain" which requires leading others with a high level of expertise and contributing to results, the "Associate Management/Associate Professional Domain" which is a candidate for the next Management Level, and for Management Level, in addition to the "Management Domain" which oversees an organization, we also have a "Professional Domain" which is a career path for engineers and others who wish to improve their expertise.

Employees can choose their career path based on their own aspirations and the role the company expects them to play. If they are in the same grade, there is no difference in the salary system whether they belong to Management Domain or Professional Domain.

Career Tiers

Career support that supports continued growth

Throughout the year, we make it possible for the employees to reflect on their career and provide support for their next challenge

Annual career support activities
1 on 1
1 on 1

Once a month, line managers and members meet face-to-face for at least 30 minutes. We follow up on future career development by looking back on the members' past and current situation and helping them decide what they want to do in the future and set goals.

Internal recruitment
Internal recruitment

In order to provide maximum support for self-career development, we advertise for positions in each department throughout the year and provide opportunities for employees to apply for transfers. As SBT is expanding its business, there are many new positions that the employees can take on.

Career Survey
Career Survey

We conduct interviews about the employee's career every six months, and they can report to the company about the fit with their current job and their future career path. This information is used as a reference for self-reflection and is used for rotations, transfers, etc.

Start-up support immediately after joining the company - Mentor system -

Mentor system

Support for new graduates and mid-career employees

For one year for new graduates and six months for mid-career employees, each new employee will be assigned a mentor, who will meet with them for at least 30 minutes once a month to ensure that they can fully demonstrate their abilities in the new environment.