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Grades and Evaluation

Mission Grading System

Mission Grading System allows engineers to demonstrate their high level of expertise as professionals

There are six grade levels in total: the "Development Domain" which requires basic knowledge and improvement of skills, the "Leader Domain" which requires high expertise and leads others and contributes to results, the "Associate Management/Associate Professional Domain" which is a candidate for the next Management Level, and for Management Level, in addition to the "Management Domain" which oversees an organization, there is also a "Professional Domain" which is a career path for people who wish to improve their expertise, such as engineers.

Mission Grading System

Job Type

There are 14 job classifications in the engineering/marketing/sales fields that emphasize specialization. Career selection possible from a wide range of options

There are career paths that emphasize specialization. You can choose from a wide variety of careers in an environment where you can grow and take on challenges. The "Mission Definition Statement" that supports the Mission Grading System specifies the role to be played by each job type and grade. Furthermore, the 14 professions that emphasize specialization have "Expertise Statement", which further improves evaluation standards. 


Engineer Jobs


Sales Marketing Jobs


Management positions

Evaluation system

Evaluation system that further accelerates the speed of employee growth

  • Promotion possible regardless of age/year = Grade Evaluation/Tentative Grade Evaluation
    By conducting Grade Evaluations twice a year, employee growth is quickly reflected in promotions.
    There is no evaluation based on seniority.
    *One of these evaluations will be a Tentative Grade Evaluation, and will be an evaluation of only changes to standard bonuses (no increases or decreases in basic salary).
  • Salary increase based on how you perform your daily work = Core Capability Evaluation ​
    Pay increases reflect how you perform your day-to-day work. We evaluate not only the results but also the process.
  • Bonus doubles depending on evaluation = MBO Assessment
    We set goals every six months, and the results of those goals are reflected in our bonuses.
    For some people, the bonus amount can be doubled depending on the evaluation.