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Working Environment

Work Style

Work style reform (balanced work and vacation system)
  • Work Style (Mainly telework, Mainly office work)
  • Flextime system
  • Company-specific holidays/Paid vacation encouragement/Days to leave work on time, etc.

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A comfortable working environment as a team (headquarters office)
  • Open and flat office
  • Balancing concentration area and divergence area
  • Hospitality entrance

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Internal Exchange

Active internal exchanges that transcend company and department boundaries
  • SBT SUMMIT (SBT Group company-wide conference)
  • Club (internal activities) support system
  • SBT Open Lab

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  • Vacation system
  • Childcare/Elderly care support system
  • SBT Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • Retirement allowance system (Defined contribution pension)
  • Health Insurance Association/Other Benefits

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Health and Productivity Management

Promotion of health management
  • Health management declaration
  • Health management promotion system
  • Basic policy

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