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Mid-term Management Plan

4th Medium-term Management Plan

SB Technology has a management philosophy of "Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone - Technologies Design the Future -", and supports customers' DX and other services by providing ICT services that utilize the cloud, security, IoT, and AI. We have been promoting the creation of new business. It is thought that the shift to DX at companies and local governments will continue to accelerate due to the evolution of digital technology and changes in work styles. As a partner of our customers, business companies that support DX promote co-creative DX that allows them to use digital in just the right amount, as well as security measures and human resource development to use digital safely and securely. , will require extensive customer support. Based on this idea, in our 4th Medium-Term Management Plan, we have formulated three priority themes that will closely support our customers and broadly support their DX transformation, with the aim of strengthening their competitiveness.

Priority Themes

Providing security and operation services to support customers' DX

  • Focus on security services centered on Managed Security Services
  • Integration of security operations and IT operations
  • Transformation to a service lineup with security and synergy
Providing security and operation services to support customers' DX

Promoting co-creative DX using data to realize customer transformation

  • Development of platform business
  • Creation of new business using aggregated customer data

Consulting & IT education for developing and creating DX human resources

  • Providing IT education services to support self-driving customer DX
  • Providing consulting to support DX promotion
Promoting co-creative DX to realize customer transformation, consulting & IT education to develop and create DX human resources

▼For details on the 4th Medium-Term Management Plan, please refer to the first quarter results briefing for the fiscal year ending March 2023.

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