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Initiatives Related to DX

Basic Policy

As a core ICT service company within SoftBank Group, SB Technology 's corporate philosophy is "Making Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone `- Technologies Design the Future -" and the company is constantly striving to acquire cutting-edge ICT technology.
In order to provide high-quality IT services to our customers, we have been practicing digital transformation ourselves and working on reforms such as improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. For us, digital transformation means utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, AI, and IoT to transform business and increase corporate value. We will continue to promote our own digital transformation while aiming to be a business partner that works together with our customers to achieve growth in their core businesses.

Long-term goals and mid-term business plan

Our company has set "significant growth" as its management policy, and since fiscal 2013, we have set key themes every three years and formulated and promoted medium-term management plans.
The period from fiscal 2022 to fiscal 2024 is positioned as the fourth mid-term management plan, with three key themes set out: "Providing security and operational services to support customers' digital transformation," "Promoting co-creation-type digital transformation using data to realize customer transformation," and "Consulting and IT education for the development and creation of digital transformation talent." By striving for sustainable growth in our focus areas of cloud, security, and data, we will promote the digitalization of society as a whole through the provision of services to our customers and solve social issues, thereby contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

DX in Business Strategy

Many companies are being required to utilize the cloud to accommodate the diversification of work styles and to transform their businesses using digital technology. However, cyber attacks targeting areas with weak security measures are on the rise, and in particular, cyber attacks on suppliers are on the rise as supply chains become more complex, highlighting the need for cyber security measures not only within one company but throughout the entire supply chain.

In order to realize these transformations, we believe that three forces are important: "The force of pushing up," "The force of pulling up," and "driving force." The forces acting on each of these three - a secure cloud infrastructure (The force of pushing up), a strategy that utilizes data to bring about transformation in business (pulling The force of pulling up), and human resources that utilize digital technology to drive transformation (driving force) - are the elements necessary to realize DX.

Diagram of the three forces necessary to achieve DX

<Providing security and operation services to support customers' DX (The force of  pushing up)>

A secure cloud infrastructure is essential to promoting DX. The cloud services and managed security services (security monitoring) provided by our company improve the productivity of the entire organization, reduce the operational burden on the information system department, and support the promotion of customer DX.

<Promoting co-creative DX using data to realize customer transformation (The force of pulling up)>

In order to strengthen our customers' competitiveness, we believe it is necessary to provide an environment where customers can utilize their own data and drive DX on their own. To this end, we provide services that utilize generative AI, provide no-code/low-code solutions, and support data utilization and analysis using BI tools. We are also promoting demonstration experiments using Privacy Tech as a technology to safely utilize sensitive information held by customers.

<Consulting & IT education for developing and creating DX human resources (The force of moving ahead)>

We not only develop systems and provide solutions, but also support and provide consulting and IT literacy education to help our customers achieve self-propelled DX.

Diagram explaining the 4th medium-term management plan

SB Technology 's DX strategy

Our company will implement the following strategies in order to promote the three priority themes defined in the Medium-Term Management Plan.

  • DX to strengthen customer response capabilities
    Utilization of CRM for the purpose of improving CS, efficiency improvement through data utilization including customer communication, etc.
  • DX for business environment improvement
    Real-time visualization of business status, digitalization of internal business systems and supply chains, RPA for routine tasks, work style reform, and telework promotion
  • DX to strengthen services
    Provision of high value-added digital services from labor-intensive services, and continuous improvement of service quality using advanced technology
  • Developing DX human resources
    Developing and creating digital human resources who will play a role in promoting digitalization
  • DX of business co-creation
    Improving added value through collaborative creation with customers

DX promotion index

<Human Resources Development>
Achieving DX requires a transformation of the business model itself based on the use of digital technology, as well as transformation of the organization, corporate culture, climate, business processes, etc. We believe that business analysis skills, which enable the identification of needs for business transformation and the proposal of solutions to create value, and project management skills, which are essential for executing development projects, are effective in achieving DX for both our company and our clients, and we are promoting the acquisition of CBAP and PMP qualifications, with the number of qualifications acquired being used as an indicator for promoting DX.

  • Number of people who have obtained CBAP and PMP certification

<Challenges to new technologies>
We are challenging ourselves with new technologies with an eye towards supporting our customers' digital transformation. For example, we are actively conducting research and development into AI and data utilization, and we aim to develop services that utilize these technologies in the future.

  • Research and Development Expenses

We are a core ICT service company within SoftBank Group. In order to provide high-quality IT services to our customers, we assign executives with skills in the technology and digital transformation fields.

  • Placement of executives with skills in technology/DX fields

DX Promotion Structure

Diagram of DX promotion structure
  • Established a DX Promotion Office, with the Representative Director, President and CEO as the general manager, and under the direct control of the officer in charge of DX (CDO*)
  • In addition to the DX Promotion Office manager, CIO, and CISO, the DX Promotion Office includes members selected from each business department head and management department to identify issues in our company's DX and create corresponding projects.
  • The implementation of the corresponding project will be carried out by an appointed project team owned by the DX Promotion Office.

*Newly established in April 2022

Environmental Improvement Initiatives for DX Promotion

Since 2018, we have been working to achieve an ideal work-life balance for each employee, eliminate long working hours, and improve productivity. Accordingly, we are promoting efforts to "increase efficiency and productivity and create new value" by utilizing ICT technologies, such as building an online communication environment using Microsoft Teams, digitizing our internal business systems and supply chain, and implementing RPA for routine tasks.

We will continue to strive to realize our vision of "generating New Value to the World by Leading Technologies and Creativeness with Style and Opportunity-full Culture."