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October 1990 Established SOFTBANK Technologies, Inc.
April 1992 Opened Osaka office
April 1994 Opened Fukuoka office
August 1997 Merged three companies: SOFTBANK Technologies, Inc., SOFTBANK NETWORK CENTER CORPORATION Corp., and SB NETWORKS CORP. Corp.
January 1999 Changed trade name to SoftBank Technology Corp.
July 1999 Stocks registered over-the-counter with Japan Securities Dealers Association
April 2000 Established Broadband Technology Corp. Co., Ltd. (trade name changed to SBT Consulting Corp. Co., Ltd. in September 2005), EC Architect Corp. Co., Ltd., and SoftBank Mobile Technology Corp. Co., Ltd. as subsidiaries.
April 2001 Made E-Cosmo Co., Ltd. (currently M-SOLUTIONS, Inc.) a subsidiary.
June 2002 Main office moved from Hakozaki to Iidabashi
March 2004 Acquired AIP Bridge Corp. Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary.
December 2004 Listed on the Second Section Tokyo Stock Exchange
March 2006 Listed on the First Section Tokyo Stock Exchange
September 2007 Merged with AIP Bridge Corp. Co., Ltd.
March 2008 Merged with SBT Consulting Corp. Co., Ltd. and SoftBank Mobile Technology Corp. Co., Ltd.
June 2008 Made E-Commerce Technology Corp. Co., Ltd. a subsidiary.
October 2008 Newly established Nagoya office
November 2009 Dissolved EC Architect Corp. Co., Ltd.
April 2010 Merged with E-Commerce Technology Corp. Co., Ltd.
October 2011 Newly established Taiwan branch
June 2012 Established Asia Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in Hong Kong.
June 2012 Newly established Shiodome office
November 2012 Newly established Shiodome development base
December 2012 Established SOLUTION BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY KOREA Ltd. as a subsidiary in South Korea.
June 2013 Fontworks, Inc. becomes a subsidiary
June 2013 Made Kan Corporation, Ltd. a subsidiary.
November 2013 Newly established Fukuoka Development Center
February 2014 Main office moved from Iidabashi to Higashi-Shinjuku
April 2014 Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd. becomes a subsidiary
July 2014 Miracle Linux Corporation becomes a subsidiary
July 2015 Established ASORA Tech Corp., Ltd. as a subsidiary
July 2016 Established joint venture REDEN Corp. with My Farm, Inc., Ltd.
December 2016 Newly established Shiodome Development Center
December 2016 Newly established Sendai Development Center
October 2017 Merged subsidiaries Miracle Linux Corporation and Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.
October 2018 Newly established Sendai office
September 2019 Newly established Shiba Daimon Development Center
October 2019 Changed trade name to SB Technology Corp.
March 2020 Newly established Nagoya Development Center
July 2020 Newly established Tennozu Development Center
July 2020 Made Denen Co., Ltd., a subsidiary.
April 2021 Made I/O SYSTEM INTEGRATION CO., LTD a subsidiary.
May 2021 Newly established Toyama Development Center
April 2022 Moved to Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
September 2023 Sold all shares of Fontworks, Inc.