SB Technology

Can you tell me about main business ?
We provide an Online business supporting mainly for EC site as well as provide solutions and services for smooth & safety migration and use in Cloud services which getting importance recent years. Please refer to About SB Technology Corp. page.
Can you tell me about a future strategy and activity ?
As what we have to do, we are aiming to “To greatly growth”. So that we attempt the following things; (1)To the business portfolio for greatly grow up, (2)To the management cockpit for greatly grow up, (3)Our greatest asset Activate all employees. Please refer to Management Strategy page.
What would you do for Corporate Governance ?
Please refer to Corporate Governance page.

I would like to know about the latest results.
Please refer to Business Results Highlights page.
I would like to see a management indicators.
Please refer to Analysis of Operating Results page.
Can you tell me about Results Overview for FY2012 ?
Consolidated financial results for FY2012 was reported, Net sales was 32.7 billion ( up 1.6% year-over-year ), 1.46 billion of Operating income ( down 8.1%). For Net sales, good sales of virus protection software contribute to the sales. Otherwise for Operating income, it was decline due to actively recruiting people, construction of the office systems and investment for the growth. Please refer to Earnings Results Briefing page.
I would like to see documents regarding to the financial statements and IR information.
Please refer to IR Library page.
I would like to see a sales mix by business.
Please refer to Business Segments page.
Can you tell me the business risk to your business ?
Please refer to Risk Factors page.

Can you tell me a listed day ?
We had a registration of Over-the-Counter at Japan Securities Dealers Association in 1999. Then Listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2006.
Please tell me your security code. Also, I would like to know the Stock Information.
It's 4726. For our shares, please refer to General Stock Information page.
Would you tell me about shareholder incentives and dividends ?
We don’t do shareholder incentives. For dividends and share repurchase, please refer to Dividend Information page.
When is a General Shareholders Meeting ?
Annual General shareholders Meeting is held every June. For the meeting schedule, please refer to IR Calendar page. Please refer to Shareholder’s Meeting page for the past events.
I would like to know about a distribution of dividends.
Please refer to Ownership page.