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Disclosure of vulnerability information reported by our employees (JVN#50361500)

SB Technology Corp.

The following vulnerability, reported by SB Technology employee Ryotaro Imamura, has been disclosed on JVN.

Multiple vulnerabilities in WordPress plugin Ninja Forms

■Affected systems

CVE-2024-26019, CVE-2024-29220

■ Anticipated impacts
The expected impacts vary depending on the vulnerability, but may include the following:

Please see here for the detail.
Vulnerability Report: https://jvn.jp/jp/JVN50361500/
Vulnerability Countermeasure Information Database: https://jvndb.jvn.jp/ja/contents/2024/JVNDB-2024-000038.html

About Vendor Information
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Contact information regarding this matter

● SB Technology Corp. Public Relations Department
E-mail: sbt-press@tech.softbank.co.jp