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SB Technology selected for the first time at leadership level “A-” by CDP Climate Change 2023

SB Technology Corp.

SB Technology (hereinafter, the Company) has been awarded a leadership level of "A- (A minus)" by the international non-profit organization CDP in the "Climate Change Questionnaire 2023." This is the first time that the Company has been awarded an "A-" rating, in recognition of its climate change goals and efforts to achieve them.


We aim to solve social issues and achieve sustainable growth by promoting the digitalization of society as a whole through the latest technologies such as cloud, security, data, and AI. In order to promote sustainability activities, we have defined six material issues (important issues) and their target KPIs, and have declared the "2030 Carbon Neutral Declaration" to achieve virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions*1 from our business activities by fiscal 2030, and "Net Zero" to achieve virtually zero supply chain emissions*2 by fiscal 2050, and are working together as a company to achieve these goals.

Based on the TCFD recommendations, we are working to enhance disclosure of information on climate change and to emphasize its transparency. In the "Climate Change Questionnaire 2023," we received high marks in areas such as the use of low-carbon products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our business strategy and its goals and results, the introduction of scenario analysis, and risk management.

About SB Technology 's sustainability activities

About CDP

CDP is an international non-profit organization with a global system for environmental disclosure by companies and local governments. Since its establishment in 2000, it has been working to improve engagement on global environmental issues, such as leading efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote water resource and forest protection. It also has the world's largest environmental database based on TCFD-compliant questionnaires, and CDP scores are widely used in investment and procurement decision-making to build a net-zero, connected and resilient economy.

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