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Book writing announcement

SB Technology Corp.

We are pleased to announce that the book "Revised New Edition: Security Engineer Textbook" (author: CSIRT Human Resources Working Group, Japan CSIRT Association), in which Kota Maruoka, an SB Technology employee in charge of SBT-CSIRT, was involved as one of the authors, has been released.
Maruoka wrote CHAPTER 03 "Security Management."

The Nippon CSIRT Association (NCA) is an organization that aims to foster close cooperation among CSIRTs and contribute to solving problems at CSIRTs. The CSIRT Human Resources Working Group works to resolve the concerns and issues that each CSIRT faces regarding human resources, and creates and publishes documents that can be used at CSIRTs based on actual on-site knowledge.

For more details about the book, please see the C&R Research Institute's book introduction page.

Contact information regarding this matter

● SB Technology Corp. Public Relations Department
E-mail: sbt-press@tech.softbank.co.jp