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[Service] Release new function of Cloud Patrol  “Guideline Audit Function”

SB Technology Corp.

We have released a new ``Guideline Audit Function'' that conducts audits compliant with the latest CIS benchmarks in multiple cloud environments and immediately issues a report of the results. Along with immediate notification and countermeasures for emergency risks, regular audits and compliance measures help keep your company's cloud environment more secure.

■ Features of guideline audit function

1. CIS Benchmarks: Audited by environment using the latest standards
Audit multiple cloud environments against the latest uniform standards for CIS benchmarks. The CIS Benchmark complies with international security standards and regulations, giving you peace of mind as an objective standard.

2. List and judge the compliance status for each resource, and immediately issue the results as a report.
Lists target resources for each audit item, determines whether each resource is compliant or non-compliant, and immediately outputs a report of the audit results. So when you perform compliance work, you can immediately see if you've made any improvements.

3. Navigate & Support Steps to Compliance
We have a website where you can navigate compliance measures for each audit item. We also support guideline compliance, so you can use it with confidence.

■ Guideline audit image

■ Target cloud

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