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SB Technology will introduce a new personnel system from April 2024, with an average increase in basic salary of 5%

- Establishing an organizational structure to strengthen human resource management, including expanding the roles of Management Level and creating a new chief position to assist Management Level-

SB Technology Corp.

SB Technology Corp. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Shinichi Ata; hereinafter referred to as SBT) will introduce a new personnel system with revised ranking, evaluation, compensation, and training systems from April 1, 2024.

Under the new personnel system, while integrating the organizations and increasing the functions of one organization, we will review the discretion and roles of Management Level in order to enable each employee to demonstrate high expertise and maximum performance. By focusing line management positions on organizational management and increasing the number of professional positions with expanded management roles in project promotion, we aim to optimize human resource management by Management Level and create higher added value for the organization as a whole. In addition, we will create a new chief position to assist Management Level in order to ensure smooth organizational management and project execution.
We will redesign the roles and compensation tables for each position, and base salaries will increase by an average of 5%, including base increases and regular salary increases.
In addition, we aim to build an organizational structure in which all employees who reach higher positions have management knowledge by early adopting an education system to improve skills in human resource management and human resource development, even at General Level.

Going forward, SBT will continue to strive to improve its corporate value by promoting the growth of each employee, which is the source of the company's growth, and revising its personnel system and implementing personnel policies to create a comfortable working environment.

■ New Personnel System Policy

■ Main points of the new personnel system

① Grading system
SBT has adopted the "Mission Grading System," which determines the grade of employees according to the role they play, regardless of age or seniority, and has operated it as a ranking system that encourages employees to take on new challenges and grow. While the new system continues to use the "Mission Grading System," we have reviewed the grade classifications and required roles and redesigned it so that employees can demonstrate a higher level of expertise and perform high-added-value work than ever before. We have also integrated organizations, increasing the functions of one organization while clarifying the roles of Management Level to ensure appropriate organizational management.

<Specific changes>

Major changes to mission grades (comparison)
Major changes to mission grades (comparison)

② Remuneration system
We will also redesign the compensation table to suit new roles, taking into account the revamped rank system. This will allow us to prepare compensation in line with the high level of expertise that employees demonstrate, while also strengthening our competitiveness in the recruitment market.

<Specific changes>

③Evaluation system
For line management positions, we place more emphasis on utilizing human resources as an evaluation criterion in order to focus on organizational management, while for professional and chief positions, we incorporate evaluation criteria from the perspective of contributing not only to one's own performance but also to the development of team members and the improvement of their expertise. These are evaluated as daily work execution ability and basic attitude toward work, encouraging employees to take on challenges autonomously and to grow together with each other.

④Education system
SBT has always been proactive in investing in education, but under the new system, we will further enhance hierarchical training for each rank, and increase opportunities to foster the business skills and leadership necessary for the company. In particular, we will provide training on human resource management and human resource development at an early stage for general employee chief and leader positions, to improve skills before taking on higher positions.

Grade-specific training
Grade-specific training

■Other changes

Abolition of the position handover (retirement age) system
We will abolish the position baton-passing system (retirement age for positions) to enable each employee to realize their career aspirations based on their abilities. SB Technology has introduced the "Advanced Professional System," which allows highly specialized personnel to work at positions and with remuneration appropriate to their roles, even if they are over the retirement age of 60. Four years after the system was introduced, approximately 30 employees have become advanced professionals through mid-career recruitment and internal promotion, and we have been able to practice diverse work styles regardless of age or seniority, so we have decided to abolish the position baton-passing system.

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