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Notice regarding receipt of dividends from consolidated subsidiaries

SB Technology Corp.

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We would like to inform you that we will receive dividends from surplus from our consolidated subsidiary Fontworks, Inc. as follows.


1. Dividend summary

(1) Dividend amount 3,680 million yen
(2) Receipt date (estimated) August 31, 2023

2. Impact on performance

Due to the receipt of the dividend, the Company will record 3,303 million yen (the amount of the above dividend minus the return of capital) as dividend received in non-operating income in the individual financial statements for the fiscal year ending March 2024. .

Please note that since this is a dividend from a consolidated subsidiary, there will be no impact on consolidated results for the fiscal year ending March 2024.

Contact information for media inquiries regarding this matter

SB Technology Corp. Corporate Planning Division Corporate Planning Department
Email: sbt-ir@tech.softbank.co.jp