SB Technology

Group Companies

(As of September 1, 2023)

Names and other information about the parent companies, controlling shareholders (excluding the parent companies), and other affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to the “parent companies, etc.”)

Company Name Attribution Holding ratio of voting rights (%) Stock exchanges, etc. on which shares of parent companies, etc. are listed
Directly holding Indirectly holding Total holding
SoftBank Group Corp. Parent company 54.0% 54.0% Tokyo Stock Exchange
First Section
SoftBank Group Japan Corp. Parent company 54.0% 54.0%
SoftBank Corp. Parent company 54.0% 54.0%
  • Note: SoftBank Group Corp.(“SoftBank Group”) is the wholly-owning parent company of SoftBank Group Japan Corp(“SBGJ”).
    SBGJ is the parent company of SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) and owns 40.9% of the voting rights of SoftBank.

Main consolidated subsidiaries

Capital (million yen) Equity ownership percentage(%) Business
M-SOLUTIONS, Inc. 100 100.0 Providing cloud services and system design, development, operation and maintenance services primarily focused on smart devices
Kan Corporation 10 100.0 Providing educational content that employs cloud services to achieve internal business improvement and innovations in communication
Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd. 806 58.0 Providing of IoT services, OSS/Linux services, and certification/security services
REDEN Corp. 115 82.5 Providing a platform to promote the use of agricultural data and support the acceleration of the agricultural growth cycle
DENEN Co. Ltd. 35 100.0 Provision of system consulting and Web system development, mainly for telecommunications and municipalities
I/O SYSTEM INTEGRATION CO., LTD 14 100.0 Development, sales and maintenance of information processing systems