SB Technology

Group Companies

(As of March 31, 2019)

Names and other information about the parent companies, controlling shareholders (excluding the parent companies), and other affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to the “parent companies, etc.”)

Company Name Attribution Holding ratio of voting rights (%) Stock exchanges, etc. on which shares of parent companies, etc. are listed
Directly holding Indirectly holding Total holding
SoftBank Group Corp. Parent company 54.11% 54.11% Tokyo Stock Exchange
First Section
SoftBank Group Japan Corp. Parent company 54.11% 54.11%
SoftBank Corp. Parent company 54.11% 54.11%
  • Note: SoftBank Group Corp. is the wholly-owning parent company of SoftBank Group International GK(“SBGI”). SBGI reorganized from a Godo Kaisha (LLC) to a Kabushiki Kaisha (corporation) and changed its trade name to SoftBank Group Japan Corporation on June 15, 2018.
  • Note: As of April 1, 2018, SBGI made a contribution in kind of all shares it had held in the Company to SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”). As a result, SoftBank became the Company’s controlling company, directly owning shares in the Company. SBGI holds 99.99% of the voting rights of SoftBank.

Main consolidated subsidiaries

Capital (million yen) Equity ownership percentage(%) Business
M-SOLUTIONS, Inc. 100 100.0 Design and development of systems and operation services; provision of mobile applications and mobile movie content services
Fontworks Inc. 20 100.0 Planning, development and sales of digital fonts (typefaces), software development, and technical service business
Kan Corporation 10 100.0 IT literacy education support, Web marketing and consulting business, Analysis tools business, etc.
Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd. 540 71.9 IoT Business, Authentication and Security Business, Linux / OSS Business
ASORA Tech Corp 60 51.0 Solving problems by using agricultural ICT and providing comprehensive ICT services
REDEN Corp. 15 66.0 Provide ICT services for supporting the activation of agricultural growth cycle such as the utilization of agricultural land data on the Internet and support services for agribusiness management