SB Technology

Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

Providing benefits to shareholders is one of the highest priorities of SB Technology. The goal is to achieve sustained growth in corporate value while making business operations even more powerful. Dividends are the primary method for distributing earnings to shareholders. The policy is to pay a steady and consistent dividend that takes into account consolidated performance in each fiscal year, investment plans, liquidity and other applicable factors.

Dividend per share

Stock Split

Historical Splits

Execution Date (Effective Date) Split Ratio Number of Shares After Stock Split
(100 shares held at IPO)
June 1, 2017 1:2 200

Status of Stock repurchase


First half Treasury stocks Increased Treasury stocks Decreased Treasury stocks Year-end Treasury stocks
2019/3 2,301,242 200,037 - 2,501,279
2020/3 2,501,279 143 - 2,501,422
2021/3 2,501,422 4,400 - 2,505,822
2022/3 2,505,822 - 21,471 2,484,351
2023/3 2,484,351 - 408,579 2,892,930

*The Company conducted the 2-for-1 share split of the Company’s common stock on June 1, 2017.