SB Technology

SB Technology’s Group Companies

SB Technology Group Overview

The SBT Group is comprised of 7 companies, SB Technology and M-SOLUTIONS, Inc., Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd., Kan Corporation, REDEN Corp.,Denen Co., Ltd., I/O SYSTEM INTEGRATION CO., LTD.
"One SBT !" is a slogan that incorporates the idea of creating the No.1 business domain as a single company. The SBT is listed.
Under this slogan, each company is taking on the challenge of developing highly profitable and growth-oriented business fields with the aim of generating synergies while leveraging their respective strengths and characteristics and achieving significant growth together.

Relationships with SoftBank Group Companies.

Our parent company is SoftBank Corporation, which is engaged in the domestic telecommunications business, and we are responsible for the ICT services business within SoftBank Group Companies. As a specialized information technology group, we provide services that contribute to our customers' businesses with the power of information technology in cooperation with SoftBank Group companies.