SB Technology's Business Domains

SBT is engaged in Enterprises (BtoB:Business to Business) business in the 4 business domains of Business IT Solutions, Corporate IT Solutions, Technical Solutions, and EC Solutions.

Business IT Solutions (BIT)

With a focus on global manufacturing, construction, and agriculture, we will leverage leading-edge technologies such as cloud computing, AI, and IoT to support the collaborative creation of businesses with customers and business growth.

Corporate IT Solutions (CIT)

For major corporations, we support the adoption of cloud computing and work style reforms by providing support for the construction, operation, and security of various systems used within the company.

Technical Solutions

Centered on SoftBank Group Corp., this segment develops systems for on-premises (own servers and software) and public clouds, and sells, builds, and provides operation and maintenance services for servers and other equipment.

EC Solutions

SBT has been conducting this business since its inception. It provides a wide range of support, from the development and operation of e-commerce websites to the utilization of accumulated data, as well as e-commerce management agency services centered on Norton Stores.

In the Third Medium-Term Management Plan, we have positioned CIT solutions and BIT solutions as growth domains. We are developing our own services that leverage the strengths of SBT's cloud and security technologies and providing them to our customers. As it's a business for Enterprises, I don't think I'll normally see it, but I'm supporting the businesses of client companies in a wide range of fields, including DX (Digital Transformation) promotion and cyber security measures.

In-house services that leverage our strengths


We have developed our proprietary service "clouXion" series based on the knowledge we have cultivated through our extensive experience in cloud installation. We support the DX promotion by reforming the working styles and data utilization of our client companies.

Managed Security Service

In addition to our track record and knowledge from the time of being on-premise centered, we provide 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year security monitoring services by security experts based on our cloud expertise.

IoT Core Connect

With a wealth of experience in the introduction of IoT, IoT is a proprietary platform service that provides seamlessly the services required for IoT utilization built on Microsoft Azure. This platform service supports companies' adoption of IoT.