SB Technology Supports the World

The solutions and services of SB Technology are used in everywhere.
Major examples are shown below.

In corporate offices

Microsoft Solutions
We support the introduction of Office 365 and other Microsoft solutions, as well as develop and build systems and applications that make them more comfortable to use.
We also use Microsoft Azure to support the transition from on-premises systems to cloud services.

Security-related services
We provide security services to protect personal computers, files and networks from unauthorized e-mail, unauthorized Internet access and other cyber-attacks. SBT security professionals monitor these security systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provide managed security services.

At their homes or on the go

Network Security Supporting Telework Environments
Comprehensive security measures are provided against threats such as "access to malicious sites," "identity (account) takeovers," and "attacks on endpoints (personal computers, smartphones, etc.)" that may occur when employees are in an external network environment such as at home, out of the office, or cafes. We support work style reforms by creating a teleworking environment that can be used with peace of mind.

In town services

Buildings and other buildings
JOGMEC supported the construction of a remote management system that monitors building equipment used in hundreds of buildings nationwide, such as electricity, air-conditioning, and water supply and drainage sanitation. A remote management system utilizing the cloud and IoT sends information to technicians as soon as a facility malfunction occurs. We were able to quickly grasp the situation and respond to the situation on the spot, improving the operational efficiency of our engineers, and improving the satisfaction of building owners.

Coin Laundry
We are developing an IoT platform to make coin laundry IoT. Store owners can centralize the management of operation information in real time, such as sales of multiple stores, breakdowns in laundry machines, and declines in the number of detergents used. Users can check the availability of washing machines. We plan to continue expanding functions that are convenient for owners and users.


Global Security Operations Center
We established the Global Security Operations Center in March 2019. We are responding in English to managed security services for Japanese companies that are overseas. SBT security experts operate and monitor security systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and respond to cyber-attacks. In the event of an attack, we provide telephone and e-mail support to the personnel in charge at our customers' overseas bases and provide prompt responses in the event of an emergency.