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Management Strategy

Basic Management Policy

In FY2012 ,we adopted “Achieve Significant Growth” as our management policy. In line with this policy, under our first three-year plan launched in FY2013, we pursued business expansion by focusing on active recruitment and three business fields: “Cloud” “Security” and “Big Data.”
In FY2016, we launched our second three-year plan. Under this plan, we will combine the added value of Big Data analysis with cloud-based security solutions to expand the added value we offer to customers and we will also aim for expansion of recurring business by strengthening the development of services in these focus businesses.

Our Operating Environment

The ICT market environment in which the SBT Group operates is changing at a dizzying speed due to the emergence of daily evolving technologies and many different types of services. The spread of cloud computing and digitization are giving rise to strong corporate demand for the strategic use of IT, including utilization of Big Data and AI, measures against the threat of targeted cyberattacks and information leaks, and the creation of new value through utilization of the Internet of Things (the IoT), which involves giving various “things” besides computers, for example, appliances and cars, the ability to communicate and have an Internet connection. By meeting such customer needs and contributing to our customers’ organic growth as their business partner, we will work alongside our customers aiming for business growth and enhancement of corporate value.

The Second Three-Year Plan (From FY2016 to FY2018)

“Achieve Significant Growth,” we are implementing business reforms designed to create a high profit business model. We are maximizing added value and working to strengthen our competitiveness by leveraging the cloud computing skills and experience we have built up to date and offering services that combine out strategic Big Data, AI and security businesses in cloud-based solutions.
Our second three-year plan launched in FY2016 is positioned as a period for laying the foundations for the further growth of the cloud computing business and adopts “cloud integration” and “IoT business development” as basic strategies. In addition, as we have grown as a company, the number of development projects has increased and the scale of projects has expanded, and project management has, therefore, become increasingly important for us. In an effort to improve productivity and quality, we will further promote the acquisition of highly qualified personnel and the reinforcement of our project management structure, and we will pursue the stable procurement of resources, including outside partners, and the reduction of operation costs through automation and efficiency improvements, aiming to maximize profits.

Cloud Integration ~ Provision of One-Stop Services ~

Our business does not consist solely in the delivery and development of cloud computing services. We integrate services such as security measures that are essential for safe and secure cloud computing and analysis of Big Data accumulated into cloud-based solutions and provide these as one-stop services.

Cloud integration

IoT Business Development ~Secure Provision of New Value~

We aim to be the most needed corporate group in the IoT age. On the cloud side, we will create new value in the visualization of data and further utilization of IoT devices through the combination of Cloud, Big Data and AI , and on the device side, we will provide a platform that can be used securely through the lifecycle of the IoT device, from the manufacturing stage to disposal.

IoT business development

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