SB Technology

Corporate Philosophy


「Information Revolution, Happiness for Everyone​」
~Technologies Design the Future~

The SoftBank Group aims to be a corporate group that provides technologies and services needed the most by people around the world and maximizes corporate value under the corporate philosophy of 「Information Revolution, Happiness for Everyone​」.

SB Technology has a mission of 「Information Revolution, Happiness for Everyone​  ~Technologies Design the Future~」 We will contribute to the realization of a substantial information society through ICT services.


We generate new value to the world by leading technologies and creativeness with diverse work styles and opportunity-full culture.

Generating new value to the world


By connecting these six keywords freely, we make a team accepting diverse values.

Corporate Slogan “One! SBT”

One! SBT

One! SBT represents the SB Technology Group’s determination to work together to create business areas where the group will be number one.