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April 27, 2021

Strong Start in First Year of Third Medium-Term Management Plan
Aiming to Further Strengthen Support for Digitization and Telework in Second Year

Thank you very much for your continued support. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to those who passed away from COVID-19 and their families and also express my warm sympathy to patients who are affected by the virus.

SB Technology is implementing its third Medium-Term Management Plan (from FY2019 to FY2021), with "Be a cloud consulting and service company which increases the competitiveness of Japanese enterprises" as its long-term goal.

During the first year of the Medium-Term Management Plan, we established new solution categories suited to the goals of "Be a Service provider for Corp IT," and "Consult and Generate Biz IT" and pushed ahead with the plan in areas such as optimization of the service provision and development structure. Thanks to these efforts, we reported record high business results and were able to finish the first year on a high note.

The Medium-Term Management Plan is now in its second year, but the COVID-19 pandemic is currently having a major impact on our lives and economic activity.

I believe that, because of this situation, there are a great many customer issues which can be resolved through the power of technology.

In April 2020, SB Technology shifted from a function-based organization to a department system organizational structure, and has since been promoting its mainstay corporate IT solutions and business IT solutions even more powerfully. We aim to contribute to society through innovations necessary in the post COVID-era such as the firm establishment of telework, acceleration of digital transformation and promotion of digital government as well as the security measures that are essential for these innovations.

We ask for your continued understanding and support in the future.

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