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To become the business partner of customers

SB Technology adopted “cloud integration” and “IoT business development” as basic strategies under its second three-year plan (from FY2016 to FY2018), aiming to become “the business partner of customers” that contributes to customers’ organic growth, in line with its management policy “Achieve Significant Growth.”

Progress of the Second Three-Year Plan

In terms of “cloud integration,” we aim to provide high added value services by fusing “Cloud”, “Security” and “Big Data”, which we identified as focus business under our first three-year plan (from FY2013 to FY2015). We will also work on improving profits by turning the knowledge and assets gained through projects into services and by establishing a model for the sales expansion of services through collaboration with partners.

Regarding “IoT business development,” we will mobilize the technological capabilities of SBT Group companies and focus on alliances with partners and PoC. In addition to providing an IoT platform for the safe and secure utilization of IoT, we will also seek to establish a business model for providing one-stop service encompassing all areas from IoT devices to cloud data, including the creation of Big Data added value through the fusion of technologies such as edge computing (data processing between IoT devices and the cloud), cloud computing and AI.

In addition to promoting a core partner program for the stable procurement of development resources and reinforcing our project management capabilities, we will also invest in improving productivity through measures such as the adoption of automated systems for operations and AI modeling of our specialist experience. As for workstyle reform, we are also putting effort into the development of programs and environments to support the active use of ICT, including our own solutions, and our employees’ growth.

Future Prospects

In FY2018, when we will finish off our second three-year plan, we will completely lay the foundations for increasing operating profit to the 3.0 billion yen level, and we plan to achieve net sales of 52.0 billion yen (up 5.8% year on year) and operating profit of 2.5 billion yen (up 14.9%).
In line with our corporate slogan “One! SBT”, SBT Group companies and employees will work together aiming for significant growth. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the future.

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