Management Strategy

Basic policy

Basic Strategy

For great growth, we've been promoting some measures.

1. Maximization of group synergy

We are aiming to become the core company of ICT in SoftBank Group through the strengthen with a total synergy of technology and collaborating work with SoftBank Group as leading companies in a internet business industry.
Also we will develop own solutions and services by the wide range of technical skills and knowledge through the participation to the new business of the SoftBank Group and promote the acquiring new customers.

2. Service of the business

By the evolution of information technology and broadband information network, the cloud service that is able to use depends on our needs is spreading from own management systems.SoftBank Technology will shift from One time business to "Service business", that is called on Recurring business. In addition, we will introduce a new technology with strengthening of cooperation with an advanced maker and vendor. Furthermore, we will perform M&A positively for keeping superiority.

3. Personnel training

For promoting the growth strategy, we will provide personnel training in both technical and sales. Especially, we will provide more in–service training and encourage acquiring high technology qualification.
Furthermore, in the management, we will attempt an improvement of the corporate governance with strengthening our system.

Progress of our measures

SoftBank Technology has done the following.

1. To the business portfolio for greatly grow up

To improve management efficiency, we restructured the Business Units. Moreover, we established Research&Business development Division.
Main roles are M&A, development of new business, introduction of highest ICT technology.

2. To the management cockpit for greatly grow up

3. Our greatest asset Activate all employees

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