SB Technology

Social Initiatives

Leveraging our strengths in areas such as cloud computing, security, and advanced technologies, we will contribute to the development of society and industry and the realization of a sustainable society.

Solving Agricultural Issues

  • Provision of agricultural information and knowledge as services and computerization of procedures
  • Supporting the realization of sustainable agriculture

The agricultural population is expected to decline significantly in the future due to the aging of principal farmers, and issues such as a shortage of labor and the inheritance of know-how are becoming increasingly serious.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) is expanding digital transformation in the agricultural field to solve these problems. With the goal of enabling all farmers to use data by 2025, we are aiming to achieve smart agriculture that uses robotics, ICT, and other digital technologies to achieve super-labor saving and high-quality production.

The SB Technology Group computerizes the flow from securing farmland to procuring materials, managing operations, collecting information, supporting communications, and performing various procedures related to MAFF, as well as converting to cloud-based services. This reduces the hurdles to new farming and helps resolve a variety of agricultural issues, such as labor shortages and the inheritance of know-how, and contributes to the realization of sustainable agriculture in the future by accumulating knowledge on agriculture and making it visible as intellectual property through the provision of services.

Building a Sustainable Social Infrastructure

  • Comprehensive security measures against all cyber attacks and analysis and response by experts
  • Contributing to the realization of safe and sustainable social infrastructure

Due to the advancement and widespread use of digital technologies, a society that connects all kinds of goods and systems is becoming realized. However, while the convenience of people's lives increases, it is also pointed out that cyber-attacks, which are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, may directly damage people's lives and business.
In a society that is becoming increasingly digital in the future, it is important to build a resilient social infrastructure that can respond to unexpected security risks and quickly recover in the event of some sort of crisis.

SB Technology provides comprehensive security measures against all cyber attacks and sophisticated analyses and responses to threats by security professionals to minimize security incidents in companies and government agencies and to achieve cyber resilience that accelerates the recovery of services and systems.
We will support the building of a sustainable social infrastructure by improving the business continuity of companies and government agencies through comprehensive security initiatives.

DX's Social and Industrial Development and Creation of New Value

  • Supporting business reforms through digitization of enterprises and industries
  • Contributing to the creation of new value through ICT use

In recent years, digital transformation (DX) initiatives have been underway, which create new value by breaking out of existing businesses and utilizing digital technologies.
On the other hand, according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, approximately 80% of companies have aging systems, and the renewal of existing systems and the shortage of digital personnel to implement the renewal are major management issues.

SB Technology is advancing DX from two perspectives: corporate digitization and industry digitization.
In corporate digitization, we will expand new normal work styles and improve operational efficiency and productivity to create an environment in which companies can focus their resources on their core business.
Further, in industry digitization, in addition to digitization and automation of business processes, we aim to contribute to improving the competitiveness of businesses with data and ICT. We will promote the digitization of all societies and industries and work with customers to create new value through the power of ICT.

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