SB Technology

Environmental Initiatives

We are working to save energy and protect the environment by utilizing advanced technologies such as the cloud and AI.

Contribution to Renewable Energy

  • Supporting solar module testing with drones with AI automated analysis
  • Subsidizing solar power generation

In recent years, renewable energy has attracted increasing attention in Japan, where there are few resources, and the ratio of solar power generation is increasing. On the other hand, renewable energy is not becoming popular because of its higher generation cost than other power sources.

SB Technology developed a tool to automatically detect anomalies in infrared photographs by means of AI and worked with infrared inspection services for solar modules (panels for solar power generation) in solar power plants by drones.
This tool automates the discrimination of hot spots (spots likely to cause defects) in infrared photographs, which have been visually performed so far, and enables anyone to perform inspection analyses quickly and accurately, thereby reducing the costs incurred for maintenance of solar power plants.
Through the reduction of renewable energy power generation costs, we will contribute to the improvement of the ratio of renewable energy to power generation in the energy mix set by the Japanese government for 2030.

Contributing to Energy Conservation

  • Optimizing power costs for multiple buildings, incorporating machine learning
  • Power consumption prediction by combining machine learning with data scientists

Currently, global warming due to energy-related issues and an increase in CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions has become a major social issue.
Offices and buildings account for the largest share of energy consumption by use in Japan's commercial sector, and energy conservation initiatives are essential for large buildings.

SB Technology collaborated with a major general contractor to develop and build a forecasting system on the cloud that uses machine learning to optimize power consumption in multiple buildings.
In addition, we have established a mechanism for power consumption forecasting systems, which enables their continuous use while improving accuracy by leveraging the expertise of data scientists.
Through these efforts, we will help to reduce energy loss and conserve energy in buildings, as well as contribute to reducing CO2 and protecting the global and regional environment.

Contribution to the Protection of the Marine Environment

  • Supporting the realization of traceability leveraging blockchain.
  • Aiming to contribute to the appropriate management and protection of fishery resources by protecting the earnings of fishery operators and the prevention of fish poaching through the realization of fishing certification.

In recent years, the importance of fishery resource management has been pointed out worldwide, but Japan's catch has been decreasing year by year since peaking in 1984.
In addition to changes in the marine environment, a major cause is the fact that fishery resources were not properly managed and were overexploited, and the promotion of resource management is emphasized from the viewpoint of resource protection.

Our subsidiary DENEN Co. Ltd. conducts surveys of distribution conditions and demonstration trials at three domestic fishing grounds with relevant organizations to realize a traceability system leveraging blockchain that allows tracking of the process from landing to distribution.
This initiative aims to acquire knowledge for system development, such as fishing certification, by grasping distribution channels, field operations, and regional characteristics of catches.
In the fisheries industry, illegal fishing and the distribution of illegal fishing products are regarded as problems, and by providing certification to properly fished fishery products, illegal distribution can be prevented, and the profits of fishermen can be protected.
We will contribute to appropriate resource management and the protection of the marine environment by developing traceability systems that leverage the current results obtained.

SB Technology ESG Activities