SB Technology

Message From the President

CEO Shinichi Ata

Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone

The SoftBank group has been contributing to all mankind and human society through the Information Revolution since its inauguration.

We take ICT service business in the SoftBank group. We have been holding this mind and challenging to create a new added value with technological power.

Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone
-Technologies Design the Future-

The SB Technology group will contribute to create an affluent information society providing through eBusiness and Cloud solutions.

To Achieve Significant Growth

We registered at Japan Securities Dealers Association in 1990.
After being listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange, we have been listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2006.
Fortunately, we have been able to promote our businesses without getting into the red till today.

In this situation, I entered our company as an adviser in January 2012. Then I assumed the position of President & CEO as of June 2012.

I listed up that what we must do is ‘Achieve significant growth’.
It means ‘How we grow up’ rather than ‘How we survive’.
Therefore, we’ll have to increase more employees, and take a cutting-edge technology.
Also, we will create the No.1 business field as ‘We never lose about this’.

In addition, what we never forget is that every employee plays an active.
We will take all of measures to realize that ‘We can achieve it’.

Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone
-Technologies Design the Future-

We will make progress with all employees working together under the new corporate philosophy.
We sincerely appreciate your interest in the SB Technology group and thank you for your continued support.

SB Technology Corp.
President & CEO Shinichi Ata