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CSR Principles

Do we:

We at the SoftBank Group want to be a company that grows together with our stakeholders through our business activities, based on the corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone.” To achieve this, we ask ourselves the following questions:


excitement and surprises, user friendliness and reliability, and joy for everyone?

The SoftBank Group stays


a relentless pursuit of growth, a robust and transparent management, and fair and timely disclosure?

The SoftBank Group strives to meet its
shareholders' expectations.


opportunities for new challenges and personal growth, an environment that stimulates diversity, and fair recognition of efforts and results?

The SoftBank Group nurtures its
employees' motivation and pride.


mutual trust, fair relationships, and partnerships leading to innovation?

The SoftBank Group evolves together with
business partners.


a healthy Internet society, the dreams and ambitions of the next generation, and the future of our planet?

The SoftBank Group contributes to
a brighter society.

The SoftBank Group
Moving ahead in business,
with high aspirations for tomorrow's Internet society.

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