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[Case Study] Managed Security Service Provided to Sompo Systems

Service enables early incident detection and rapid first response based on expert operations monitoring

SoftBank Technology Corp.

SoftBank Technology Corp. (headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Shinichi Ata, President & CEO; “SBT” hereinafter) has provided a managed security service (“MSS” hereinafter) to Sompo Systems Inc. (headquartered in Tachikawa, Tokyo; Shinichi Urakawa, President & CEO; “Sompo Systems” hereinafter). The MSS gave Sompo Systems the capability needed to create a system for quickly detecting unauthorized access and other security incidents and for implementing rapid first response for its Ride Pita!*1 service, the industry’s first automotive insurance service that can be subscribed to in 12-hour units.

■ Background

Sompo Systems, a strategic IT company that handles information systems for the Sompo Holdings Group (a company group led by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance), provides a range of IT services, including systems planning and development, server and network device installation and operation, and user support. Before, the company developed its customer Web systems in an on-premises environment. But based on a growing push to accelerate cloud-based services to promptly develop new businesses, the company chose to build its Ride Pita! system in a cloud environment, creating the need for security measures optimized for cloud-based systems—a different challenge from security measures for on-premises environments. Given the burdens likely to fall on the Sompo Systems if these tasks were handled in-house, the company considered installing an MSS that could handle security system operations monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Installing such a system involves setting up functions to issue regular monitoring reports and requires advanced expertise in security analysis, rapid initial response to high-level incidents, and extensive experience in implementing cloud-based systems. For these reasons, Sompo Systems chose the MSS offered by SBT.

■ Results

Since the introduction of Ride Pita! in January 2019, the MSS has issued reports on Web system monitoring status and details of detected threats in a timely manner, providing 24-hour, 365-day operations monitoring without requiring additional in-house resources. Moving forward, the MSS will also facilitate the development of other cloud-based Web systems.

Sompo Systems is currently building a new cloud-based Web system. SBT will continue to provide the MSS to support the company’s cloud security measures and promoting the use of cloud-based systems.

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*1 Ride Pita! is the nickname of an insurance policy with a time-based driver’s insurance rider added to standard driver’s insurance.

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