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Notice regarding the difference between the full-year individual results and the previous fiscal year's financial results

SoftBank Technology Corp.

We would like to inform you of the differences in the full-year individual results for the fiscal year ending March 2018 (April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018) as follows.


1. Differences in full-year individual results

  Net sales Operating income Ordinary profit net income per share
net income
One million yen One million yen One million yen One million yen yen coin
Previous period results (A)
(Fiscal year ending March 2017)
45,507 1,622 1,623 1,130 58.13
Actual value (B)
(Fiscal year ending March 2018)
44,157 1,655 1,936 1,580 80.29
Increase/decrease amount (B-A) △1,349 32 313 449
Rate of change(%) △3.0 2.0 19.3 39.7 -

2. Reason for the difference

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, ordinary income increased by 19.3% compared to the previous fiscal year due to the recording of 300 million yen in dividends received from subsidiaries as non-operating income. In addition, net income increased 39.7% from the previous fiscal year due to the recording of a 226 million yen gain on sale of investment securities primarily due to the sale of a portion of subsidiary stock as extraordinary income.

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Contact information for inquiries from media regarding this matter

○ SoftBank Technology Corp. Corporate Planning Division Corporate Planning Department
Email: sbt-ir@tech.softbank.co.jp