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Notice regarding determination of director candidates

SoftBank Technology Corp.

We would like to inform you that at the Board of Directors meeting held today, the following candidates for director will be proposed for discussion at the 29th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled to be held on June 19, 2017.


1. Director candidate

Name Title Current position New/Existing appointment
Shinichi Ata
(Shinichi Ata)
Representative Director and President Heavy appointment
Mitsuhiro Sato
(Mitsuhiro Sato)
Member of the Board Heavy appointment
Yukimasa Goto
(Goto Yukimasa)
Member of the Board Heavy appointment
Yasutoshi Makoto
(Magara Yasutoshi)
Please refer to the biography new
Shigeo Suzuki
External Member of the Board Heavy appointment
Yoshie Munakata
(Munakata Yoshie)
Please refer to the biography new

* Mr. Shigeo Suzuki and Mr. Yoshie Munakata are candidates for outside director as stipulated in Article 2, Item 15 of the Companies Act.

2. Biography, etc. of new director candidates

Name Yasutoshi Magara
Date of Birth July 14, 1950
Biography June 1981 Joined Osawa Shokai Co., Ltd.
September 1981 Joined SoftBank Corp. (currently SoftBank Group Corp.)
September 1985 Joined Just System Co., Ltd.
October 1993 Joined Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Ltd.
September 1996 Director of Desktop Product Division of the company
September 2000 Executive Officer of the company, General Manager of OEM Sales Headquarters
January 2001 Director of the company
July 2006 Executive Officer and Senior Managing Director of the company
March 2011 Director of Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.
July 2012 Representative Director and President of the company (current position)
October 2015 Representative Director of Project72 General Incorporated Association (current position)
April 2016 Director, Secure Drone Council (current position)
April 2017 Director, Secure IoT Platform Council (scheduled to be appointed)

*As of today, we do not hold any shares in our company.

Name Yoshie Munakata
Date of Birth June 20, 1955
Biography April 1981 Joined Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
December 1981 Joined Intel Japan K.K., Ltd. (currently Intel K.K.)
February 1999 Director of Communication Products Business Division of the company
April 2001 Manager of the company's president's office, in charge of corporate planning and government relations
February 2004 Director of Business Development Headquarters of the company
April 2009 Vice president of the company
April 2016 Advisor Intel K.K.
October 2016 Established B.Grove Inc. Inc. Representative Director (current position)

*As of today, we do not hold any shares in our company.

3. Directors scheduled to retire (scheduled for June 19, 2017)

Name Title Current position
Takaaki Nagata
(Nagata Takaaki)
Member of the Board
Katsushi Aoki
(Aoki Katsushi)
Member of the Board
Yunobu Miki
(Miki Takenobu)
External Member of the Board

*After his retirement, Takaaki Nagata is scheduled to become an advisor.

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Contact information for inquiries from media regarding this matter

○ SoftBank Technology Corp. Corporate Planning Division Corporate Planning Department
Email: sbt-ir@tech.softbank.co.jp