SB Technology

e-Commerce (EC) Transaction through the Internet.
Client Computers using services through connecting with networks.
Cloud Computing Cloud computing means that the service for computerized processing and data storing is able to access via the internet anywhere and anytime. The expression that likened a various computing services widespread in the internet to a "Cloud". Also referred to as a Cloud service.
Marginal profit, Marginal profit ratio Marginal profit is a subtracted variable cost from sales amount. Also Marginal profit ratio is divided marginal income by Net sales, that is a profit indicator showing when Net sales increases by one unit.
Also referred to as a Contribution profit.
Server A server is a computer program that provides functions and data to other computer programs and their users.
System Integration (SI) A system integrator (SI) is business that designs, builds, operations computing systems for clients and by combining hardware and software products from vendors.
Storage External storage device to save data and programs such as hard disks.
Data base / Software Database is a system for a data collecting and administrating that manages in the form defined to provide a procedure of data entering, updating, administrating for sharing information and a general management.
Data Science Study and analysis for data. It incorporates varying elements and builds on techniques and common theories mainly using mathematics, statistics, the action analysis study from many fields.
Network Integration (NI) Network Integration (NI) is the business that a network designs, introductions, development of programs, operations, maintenance and administration for clients.
Big Data Huge data group with many kinds of large quantity.
Font Font is a form of character when showing and printing it on the computers.
Platform Platform is a basis to carry out software for an operating system, environment setting, OS, middleware.
Recurring business It's a business form to make constant sales not only once. Charging business such as monthly basis charging.
BCP Business Continuity Plan for disaster and emergency situation.
EC-BPO Business Process Outsourcing Transaction for Web site management through the Internet.
ICT Information and Communication Technology.
PBR (Price Book-value Ratio) One of the typical Stock indicators, calculated by dividing the (dissolution value) net assets per share and stock price.
PER (Price Earnings Ratio) One of the typical Price Earnings Ratio, calculated by dividing the profit per share and stock price. As PER is lower, it is judged stock price is less price compared to the company profit.
Thin Client Thin Client is a computer device consist of a minimum apparatus such as keyboards and displays does not include a hard disk inside. Also the generic term of the system. We can gather the transaction data of application and stored data on a server side and avoid carrying out and the loss of data.
Web font Webfonts are a font format with a specific license that permits web designers and developers to use real typography on website. As design characteristics increased, it used to be made the title or the button of the website, although as using web font that effects for optimizing SEO since it's recognizing as a character in search engines.