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Shareholder Return (dividend, etc.)

Basic policy regarding profit distribution

Our company positions the interests of our shareholders as one of our most important management policies, and strives to continuously improve our corporate value while strengthening our corporate structure. As a policy for returning profits to shareholders, we basically consider distributing results through dividends, and pay stable and continuous dividends while comprehensively taking into account each fiscal year's consolidated results, investment plans, cash on hand, etc. The policy is to implement the following.

Trends in Dividends per Share

Stock Split

Stock split history

Implementation date (effective date) Split ratio Number of shares after split
(Holded 100 shares at the time of public offering)
2017/6/1 1:2 200 shares

Status of Share Buybacks

(Unit: shares)

Number of treasury stock at beginning of period Increased number of treasury shares Decrease in the number of treasury stock Number of treasury shares at end of period
2019/3 2,301,242 200,037 - 2,501,279
2020/3 2,501,279 143 - 2,501,422
2021/3 2,501,422 4,400 - 2,505,822
2022/3 2,505,822 - 21,471 2,484,351
2023/3 2,484,351 408,579 - 2,892,930
2024/3 2,892,930 137 37,000 2,856,067

*As of June 1, 2017, we conducted a stock split at the ratio of 1 share of common stock to 2 shares.