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Group Structure

Relationship with SoftBank Group

SB Technology, whose parent company is SoftBank Corp., is responsible for the ICT services business within the SoftBank Group. As a group of information technology specialists, we work in cooperation with SoftBank Group companies to provide services that contribute to our customers' businesses through the power of IT.

SoftBank Group companies

SBT Group companies' focus areas

SBT Group is developing businesses that leverage the strengths of each group company, such as cloud services and IoT solutions for businesses, as well as services for agriculture and local governments. We are challenging ourselves in business fields with high profitability and growth potential, aiming to create synergy as SBT Group and grow significantly together.
In its medium-term management plan, the SBT Group has set three key themes: security and operations, data utilization, and consulting and IT education, and the entire group is working together to promote these themes.

Roles of SB Technology Group Companies

Group Synergy

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