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SB Technology Business Areas

Becoming a cloud consulting and service company that increases the competitiveness of Japanese companies

SB Technology Group has continued to grow based on our ICT service business.
In order to promote our customers' DX, we provide a variety of solutions based on cutting-edge technologies such as consulting, IT education support, and AI/IoT, centered on our cloud and security technical capabilities.

We will introduce the content of each solution that makes up the ICT service business by " Financial results by Market'' that corresponds to customer issues and "Financial results by Solution" that corresponds to the technology provided by SB Technology Group.

Market Segmentation

Telecommunication <For telecommunications companies>
  • On-premises (including private cloud) system construction/operation maintenance
  • Cloud consulting/migration support/construction/operation
  • Security operation monitoring service, etc.
Enterprise <For general business companies>
  • Cloud consulting/migration support/construction/operation/IT education services, AI/IoT solutions
  • Security consulting/implementation support/operation monitoring services/electronic authentication solutions, etc.
Public Sector
Public Sector <For government offices and local governments>
  • Cloud migration support/construction/operation/IT education services/AI/IoT solutions
  • Security consulting/implementation support/operation monitoring services, etc.
  • EC site management agency such as Norton Store

Financial results by Solution

cloud solutions
Cloud solutions
  • Cloud consulting/migration support/construction
  • Cloud operation service
  • Cloud utilization support/IT education services
  • AI/IoT solutions
security solutions
Security solutions
  • Security consulting/implementation support
  • Security operation monitoring service
  • Electronic authentication solution
Technical Solutions
Technical solutions
  • On-premises (including private cloud) system construction/operation maintenance
  • EC site operation agency
  • Equipment sales/Product licenses