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Strengths of SB Technology

Strengths in the Cloud Business

Accelerating DX support with a top-class implementation track record in Japan, focusing on enterprise companies

We started our cloud business in 2009, when cloud services began to become popular, and we have been implementing and operating cloud solutions, such as implementing Microsoft 365 and supporting construction in Microsoft Azure environments, mainly for enterprise companies. Based on this cloud solution, we provide a wide range of DX support tailored to customer issues, such as further data utilization and the training and creation of DX human resources.

We have introduced cloud solutions to over 1,000 companies, and have accumulated a wealth of development experience and know-how. We provide support to various industries such as manufacturing and construction.

External Evaluation

Since 2014, we have received a total of 11 Partner Awards in the Microsoft Partner of the Year, a program in which selects companies that have achieved outstanding results in various fields once a year. Similarly, in 2016, we became the first Japan company to win four awards in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award, which is held once a year by the U.S. to recognize partner companies that provide excellent solutions and services based on Microsoft products and have accumulated a wealth of experience (according to our own research).

Microsoft Partner of the Year Awarded for 10 consecutive years
Microsoft Partner of the Year Awarded for 10 consecutive years
2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award 4-winner
2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award 4-winner

In addition, we have obtained the Solution Partner certification, which is given to partners who have demonstrated high technical capabilities and a wealth of achievements in all six areas of the Solution Partner certification system established in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, Microsoft Japan 's cloud partner program.

Microsoft Solution Partner certification in all 6 fields
Microsoft Solution Partner certification in all 6 fields

External evaluation of SBT

“clouXion” is a brand that brings together cloud utilization know-how.

SBT has developed a variety of SBT cloud solutions based on its track record of cloud implementation for a wide variety of customers. In 2018, we launched a new brand called "clouXion" that brings together these unique cloud solutions.

We offer a wide range of solutions, consisting of "authentication and security solutions" for safe use of the cloud and "business efficiency solutions" to promote further use of the cloud, and currently have a track record of adoption in 914 companies (as of August 2023).

Through clouXion, SBT will promote cloud computing for its customers and contribute to improving corporate value through work style and business model transformation.

About clouXion (Japanese)

Strengths in the Security Business

Years of experience and advanced efforts in cloud security

Since the early 2000s, when SBT 's focus was on selling and building IT products, we have been providing operational services after introducing security products and have accumulated knowledge.

We provide security implementation support to counter the increasingly complex threat of cyber attacks, Managed Security Services (MSS) that provides security operation monitoring, CSIRT construction support to strengthen internal systems in anticipation of cyber attacks, and comprehensive corporate security. We provide a wide range of one-stop services, including consulting to support customers' important information asset protection and business continuity.

As an integrator with deep knowledge of the cloud, we derive optimal security implementation plans and operations from our customers' systems, and propose total solutions.

SBT 's security business

Globally available MSS (Managed Security Service)

SBT 's MSS operates both the SOC (Security Operations Center), which monitors logs and analyzes detected alerts, and the NOC (Network Operations Center), which monitors the aliveness of devices and maintains versions, which is a major factor. This is a unique feature, and SBT 's security experts are stationed there to deal with the situation.

Network Operations Center (NOC)
Network Operations Center (NOC)
Security monitoring center (SOC)
Security monitoring center (SOC)

Highly qualified security experts monitor and operate the logs of security devices installed by user companies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and rank detected alerts based on their level of risk and impact. , and sends alerts to first responders and user companies.

Based on our knowledge and track record of analyzing large amounts of event logs and alerts, amounting to billions or even tens of billions of alerts per day, in recent years we have developed our own AI model for security threat detection and introduced it to MSS. By doing this, we are able to provide faster and more accurate services. Additionally, in April 2019, we opened the MSS overseas monitoring base "Global Monitoring Center." By providing support in English, we are able to provide the same services to domestic companies with overseas bases.

MSS is also registered in the "Information Security Service Standards Compliant Service List" as a service that complies with the "Information Security Service Standards" set by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Achieved 1st place in sales share

In the "ITR Market View: Endpoint Security/Data Leakage Prevention SOC Service Market 2023" published by ITR Corporation on November 21, 2023, we ranked first in terms of vendor sales value share in FY2022 in the two fields of "SIEM Operational Analysis Service/Managed XDR Service Market" and "Microsoft 365 Operational Monitoring Service Market." This marks the second consecutive year since 2022 that we have ranked first. In addition, in the market research report "Current Status and Outlook of the Managed Security Services Market 2023 Edition" published by Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute Co., Ltd. in June 2023, we ranked first in terms of sales value share in the SIEM operation service market in FY2022.

Achieved 1st place in sales share
Related Press Releases

Growing need for "zero-trust security

The new normal way of working is spreading, and an increasing number of companies are moving their corporate systems to the cloud and adopting telework from home. As users begin to use a variety of cloud services and have more opportunities to access them from various locations, such as outside the office or home, the IT environment of companies is changing significantly. Countermeasures are becoming difficult.
For this reason, there is a growing need to shift from traditional security (perimeter type) that specializes in protecting internal networks to "zero trust security," which distrusts all access, whether inside or outside the company.

Zero Trust Security strengthens security through communication monitoring, terminal monitoring, and multi-layered defense and countermeasures for security authentication. On the other hand, there is a growing demand for security support outsourcing because there are issues such as increasing operational loads, such as responding to the enormous amount of alerts that occur 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and insufficient establishment of a sufficient system due to a lack of engineers who are familiar with the security to be able to satisfactorily address such issues.
At SBT experts with extensive knowledge of both security and cloud provide monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, reducing the burden of operational work. Additionally, by integratedly managing and operating multiple security measures required for zero trust security, we protect customer systems from the increasingly complex risks of cyber attacks.

Strengths in the Data and AI Business

Providing one-stop support for utilizing data and AI through cloud infrastructure

SBT has been in the data solution business since 2014, and has been supporting customers' DX transformation by providing data solutions that utilize the technical capabilities of Micsoroft products and consulting by data scientists who have a wealth of analytical know-how for enterprise companies. We provide one-stop support for data analysis and visualization, building machine learning models using data platforms and AI, and introducing generative AI, which has been attracting attention recently.

Implementation results

Takenaka Corporation builds and optimizes power consumption prediction system through demonstration experiment of next-generation building management using machine learning and cloud computing

We conducted a demonstration experiment of the "Shinsuna Area Virtual Power Plant (VPP)" to reduce electricity costs by building a system that collects and analyzes various sensor data from multiple buildings on the cloud and uses machine learning to predict power consumption in real time. Machine learning is the optimal way to derive predictive data from complex combinations such as power demand, and considering the ease of deployment to multiple locations and the maintainability of the infrastructure, we decided to use the cloud-based Microsoft "Azure Machine Learning". We provided full support, including designing the cloud infrastructure for the power consumption prediction system, designing the architecture for building the prediction system, and tuning for optimization. We established a system that can be used continuously, and contributed to optimizing costs related to the use of Azure Machine Learning and improving prediction accuracy.

About initiatives with Takenaka Corporation (Japanese)

Developed a data analysis platform that centrally manages Ryukoku University's agricultural data. Dramatically improved data accessibility and provided an environment where students can freely analyze data.

In an effort to develop highly specialized human resources who will drive the digitalization and high added value of Japanese agriculture industry, we developed a data analysis platform that allows students to freely access data and analyze and utilize it. In addition, we held lectures for students as part of the education, contributing to the development of the next generation of "agri DX human resources". In addition to making data accessible and easy to handle, we established a flexible and highly scalable platform that can handle any data format. In addition, even if data is deleted, it is configured to be restored immediately, so students can freely access the data and perform analysis with peace of mind. The acquired data is visualized with BI tools and is useful for understanding the condition of the crops, analysis, and various approaches.

Collaboration with Ryukoku University

Supporting companies in utilizing generative AI with the generative AI service “dailyAI”

Through internal use and verification with customers, we have developed core technology that increases the response accuracy of generated AI. We have released "dailyAI," a generative AI service that reflects this technology in our services and can be used in daily work. As a generative AI service that has the functions necessary for every business scene, we will contribute to improving the productivity of our customers.


DailyAI does not use input information for learning, and has robust security measures in place to protect customer data. It is possible to implement user authentication and IP restrictions for access sources using Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) provided by DailyAI, so it can be used securely, and there is no need for customers to perform any configuration work when installing, so it can be started quickly and easily.

dailyAI Security

About dailyAI (Japanese)

The demand for generative AI

With the advent of generative AI, expectations are rising that it can be used not only by individuals but also by companies to improve work efficiency and productivity. According to a study by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), the global demand for the generative AI market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 53.3%, reaching $211 billion in 2030, and will grow to about 20 billion dollars in 2023. It will be doubled. In particular, the manufacturing field is experiencing remarkable growth, growing at an average annual rate of 54.6%, and is expected to expand to $50.7 billion by 2030.

Global demand for AI market