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Management Philosophy

From April 1, 2019, the vision (aspirations) and values (values and behavioral guidelines) that follow the mission (meaning of our existence) of "Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone - Technologies Design the Future -" was be announced. We have formulated a new management philosophy.

Mission - Reason for Existence -

“Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone” - Technologies Design the Future -

Under the management philosophy of "Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone," SoftBank Group aims to maximize corporate value and become a corporate group that provides the technologies and services most needed by people around the world.

At SB Technology, our mission is to "Information Revolution - Happiness for everyone - Technologies Design the Future -, and through the provision of ICT services, we contribute to the realization of a rich information society.

Vision - Aim for -

We aim to become a company generating New Value to the World by Leading Technologies and Creativeness with Style and Opportunity-full Culture.

Continue to provide new value to society

Values - Values and Behavioral Guidelines -

By having employees freely combine six keywords: "Growth," "Trust," and "Value," which represent viewpoints, and "Enjoy," "Create," and "Connect" which represent action, we create a team that recognizes diverse values.

Corporate Slogan "One! SBT"

One! SBT

"One! SBT" embodies our desire to unite SB Technology Group and create the No. 1 business field.